Proactive intervention to support your customers

We are in a unique position to help you identify customers at risk of vulnerable circumstances. You can access this information in real-time enabling you to proactively manage the situation and apply preventative measures.

Our predictive modelling techniques provide insights that empower your front-line staff to apply action that build trust between you and your customers and significantly improves your compliance to the stipulated regulatory framework.


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Vulnerability in the UK


adults in the UK show indicators of being at risk of vulnerable circumstances


people in any given year experience at least one mental health related disorder


of adults do not have enough savings to cover an unexpected bill of £300

£70 billion

spent by vulnerable consumers in the regulated markets of water, energy, telecoms and financial services in 2017

Real-time warnings to empower front-line staff

Identifying triggers

Predictive modelling and natural language processing objectively identify triggers for situational vulnerability by analysing how your customers construct complaints. This helps identify customers uncomfortable disclosing this information directly.

By identifying categories of situational vulnerability and the associated triggers, early warnings can be raised, and predictions of potential concern can alert front-line staff.

Examples of these categories and their associated triggers include Low income (“struggling to pay bills”, “money problems”, “arrears at present”) and Health problems (“broken leg”, “cancer”, “dementia”, “physical abuse”).

A personalised service

Situations of vulnerability are as equally unique as the people who suffer with them. This is why businesses can help their customers by applying a personalised solution on a case by case basis rather than employing a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

Our insights help front-line staff to take a personal approach when dealing with a customer in crisis. This approach not only helps generate better outcomes for higher CSAT but also helps grow trust in your brand.

Improved compliance

With mounting pressure on the regulated sectors to improve their performance around customer vulnerability, we are in a prime position to help you achieve a best-in-class status when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Our Insights as a Service will help you achieve results that demonstrate a high level of proficiency in proactive intervention for vulnerable customers.

Resolver Vulnerable Situations Award

Egeria Insights is part of the Resolver group, an organisation committed to raising standards in businesses dealing with consumers in vulnerable situations. As such, Resolver have launched a dedicated vulnerability award category at the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2020.


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