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in retention

We help businessses add genuine, measureable value. We can assist in retaining customers through retention analysis and flag up issues with early warning signals.

We can reduce costs associated with complaints and increase the level of trust consumers feel for your brand.

A key area of our value proposition is also built around improving compliance and regulatory reporting models.

Our sectors

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Sectors we support


We understand the importance of risk management and compliance within heavily regulated industries including financial markets such as banks.

Our proactive approach towards identifying customers at risk of vulnerable circumstances can support the FCA’s 2019 guidance on early intervention, whilst our ability to apply detailed comparative analytics provide actionable insight to improve efficiency, reduce churn and increase revenue.

Credit Cards

Whether you are an establish brand or a challenger brand, our insights can help you gain a competitive advantage over other credit card providers.

Through early warnings of complaint escalation and potential vulnerabilities, not only can you improve compliance to the necessary regulated framework, but you can increase customer trust in your brand, grow retention and identify opportunities to target your competitors through industry-wide benchmarking around performance.


We understand that a competitive market requires intelligent solutions to get ahead of the competition. With comparison sites making it easier than ever for customers to churn, we help support insurers to become best-in-class in complaint handling.

Our services increase automation in the complaint handling process, improving efficiency and speed in getting the right outcomes for customer. This helps establish trust and increase retention. And with our comparative analytics you can target your closest competitors by identifying areas in need of improvement.


Our services are ideal for utility providers to help support the challenges of customer retention, regulatory compliance and supporting people in vulnerable situations.

Our predictive technology can alert frontline staff to complaints with high probability of escalation, enabling preventative action to increase retention and avoid regulatory risk. Our natural language processing and machine learning compares data across millions of complaints to create an accurate profile of cases which highlight triggers of a vulnerability, enabling utility providers to take urgent action to support these customers fast.


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Telecoms & Media

Consumers within the Telecoms & Media sector seek a brand they can trust. This means getting value and receiving excellent service in return for their loyalty. When this isn’t achieved churn can happen.

Our services help avoid this and add genuine, measurable value. We can increase retention through predictive modelling techniques that alert you to customers likely to churn. This enables preventative measures to win the customer’s trust back. Our services help you to build a best-in-market approach to complaint handling that grows efficiency, increases customer retention and improves regulatory compliance.

Travel & Leisure

Whether it’s an all-inclusive family holiday, a romantic getaway or a morning gym session, when things go wrong it can severely damage retention and customer trust in your brand.

We understand the emotive implications around complaints within the Travel & Leisure sector and the consequences unhappy customers can have upon your business. We can help to build trust and increase customer satisfaction by comparing complaint metrics against your rivals to identify areas in need of attention. For multi-site operators, our benchmarking enables you to identify issues and service performance at individual site level.


The holy grail for the majority of retailers is achieving brand loyalty from their prospective consumer audience. When you have loyal, repeat purchasing customers then you are likely to have a healthy, growing business. However, brand loyalty, and brand reputation, can be impacted by poorly managed complaints and inaction in addressing the cause of the issue.

So how can this be addressed? Through actionable insight. Our service is unique in its ability to provide retailers with comparative analytical tools which can help identify serious issues likely to impact upon loyalty. The actionable insight this reveals can positively impact upon customer retention and satisfaction scores, increasing your NPS.


As an operator within the transport sector, ensuring customers have trust and faith in your service is crucial to success. Trust is typically hard to win but frustratingly easy to lose. Our services help prevent trust being broken by identifying problematic issues and then benchmarking this against your competitors to flag up early warnings. This enables you the opportunity to ensure you get things right.

The high costs typically associated with complaints can be a drain on finances, further hampering performance levels. We can help reduce these costs through increased automation in the categorisation of complaints and by helping to avoid unnecessary complaints through customised rights guides, and automation capabilities that could help make savings with established mechanisms like EU261 in the aviation sector.

How we work with businesses

Step 1

We can arrange a consultation with an Egeria Insights specialist to help provide you the best set of services to meet your objectives.

Step 2

Our project team will oversee the on boarding process and manage any training needs.

Step 3

Our data scientists and consultants can help support actionable insight through our knowledge and expertise.

What our clients say

“We are able to see everything, right down to touchpoints per complaint type, satisfaction ratings at every step of the journey, average response time and so on.”

– Steve Cairns, Senior Manager for Complaints Policy, Three Mobile