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In a competitive landscape where establish brands can disappear overnight, it’s crucial to gain an edge against your rivals and to ensure your performances match your customers’ expectations.

Our benchmarking tool gives you this competitive edge and more. Measure performances across key metrics and identify opportunities to improve as well as identifying areas to target the competition.


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Compare key metrics


Compare your Net Promoter Score to see how much your customers value your brand


Visualise and compare your customer satisfaction scores


Measure how your fair in the ease of complaint metric


Drill down into different time periods to compare performance

Actionable insight to improve performance

See complaints in a new light

Our unique benchmarking platform opens a whole new world of data and insight in complaint handling. Visualise complaint data across multiple categories to build a true picture of your performance and how you compare across the market. This level of data is perfect for arming frontline staff as well as senior management setting strategy.

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Target the competition

Our platform can be configured to show five competitors of your choice, whose performance and complaint handling data can be directly measured against your own. You will quickly identify areas of failure and can use the data to identify the root cause. With this level of insight, you can quickly improve performances in problematic areas of your business and strategically target your competitors in areas of flagging performance.

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Operational improvement

Our benchmarking platform can help identify systemic issues within your business that need urgent attention. If you are a multi-site operator, this can be applied down to an individual site level. Actionable insight and root cause analysis can help improve operational efficiencies whilst key strategic decisions can be made with the benefit of detailed business intelligence.

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As well as being able to compare your performance when measured against your top five competitors, we can also show you how you measure against the best-in-class within your sector. If you are striving for excellence, our insights can help you identify how far the gap is between your business and the best in your market. This insight can then pave the way for you to start closing the gap towards becoming best-in-class

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Our team of highly experienced consultants can help advise on how to tap into your greatest unused asset: complaint data.

Contact us to arrange a consultation to learn more about our business solutions and unique data insights designed to grow customer retention and brand advocacy.

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