Egeria Insights

Verify the email of your customer

Provide your customers with a complaint management portal

Know if your customer has raised a complaint about this issue before

Define your escalation stages, contacts and timings on

Standard sector, topic & regional rights guides for your customers

Reminder email notifications to you and your customers to help manage a complaint

Company listed on

Complaint templates that maximises the likelihood of resolution

A link to

Reply to your customers through using a complaints specific email


Same features as Basic plus:

Customisable rights guides

Customisable auto-reply to your customers

Customisable company page

Customisable complaint template

A widget that sits on your website, which allows your customers to select a topic and be directed to customised rights guides

API (rather than direct complaints to you via email, direct them via the API to your CRM system

Limited access to Egeria Analytics giving you insights on your performance within on the following:


  • 30 day rolling CSAT average
  • 30 day rolling Ease average
  • Case Numbers: last 30 days
  • Case Numbers: last 60 days
  • Case Numbers: last 90 days
  • Case Numbers: last 360 days
  • Complaint by issue/topic - last 30 days
  • Resolver score for you and 4 competitors
  • Number of consumers with potential triggers of situational vulnerability
  • Number of escalations a month


Same features as In Basic & Lite plus:

Campaigns (e.g., newsletters, improved SEO for your landing page on to capture more of the lost voice

API + consultancy to assist implementation

A resource to chase complaints on social media and other third-party platforms

Full access to Egeria Analytics plus options for bespoke reports and consulting using data on you and your competitors covering:


  • Churn Root-cause-analysis
  • Resolution time
  • Situational Vulnerability
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution escalation
  • Product or service management
  • Redress payment rates
  • Number of touch points
  • Topic hot spot